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10 best cafés in Milan

After moving to Milan, one of my priority was to find all the cafés this city could offer me. Now that I’ve been living here for more than two years, I’m finally able to write down the best 10 café “milanesi”. From the fanciest toast ever, till a cat filled café; in this article I put cafés for any taste, so I hope that whether your a tourist or a long term Milan citizen, you’ll be able to find a place that suits you.

1. FANCYTOAST, Via Alessandro Volta, 8 (M2 Moscova)

Federica welcomed us by telling the history of this place. After spending some years in California, she has fallen in love with this particular type of toast, which features a 5-inch bread made of 7 different type of cereals. After coming back to Italy, she had the most amazing idea, opening a selling point of these toast in Milan. The place is very small, so I don’t suggest you to come here on Saturday, but with its unique toast, it definitely stole my heart.

2. Pavè, Via Felice Casati, 27 (M3/M2 Centrale)

This place is one of the first one I tried once I moved to Milan. Here you can find the best pastry you can possibly have. Located in a small but well designed bar, you can also look at the pastry chef while they create the pastries just seconds before you might eat them. Coffee and cappuccinos are very good here, even if at first glance it might look like a patisserie.

3. Macha Café, Viale Francesco Crispi, 15 (M2 Moscova)

Newly opened, this place quickly conquered my heart. If you know me well, you will obviously know that matcha is one of my favorite things. In this little café you will find food for every taste rigorously green, which means matcha is the star here, but this place also offer avocado based meals. The matcha cheesecake is definitely my favorite, along with the green pancakes with salmon. And there is also the Avocado Burger, an entire burger made of avocado instead of bread: INSANE.

4. 22 Milano, Via Principe Amedeo, 2 (M3 Turati)

From outside, this place might seems simple and essential, but as soon as you walk in and order a cappuccino you will find animals drew on them. Amazing right? I believe this is the only place in Milan which offers this type of latte art, so I was obviously delighted when this place opened in my town. Besides cappuccinos, I suggest you to try their brioches, especially the pistachio ones. This place is also a good choice if you are looking  for a place to have brunch.

5. oTTo, Via Paolo Sarpi, 8 (M2 Garibaldi, M5 Monumentale)

Located in the Milan’s China town, this place is definitely unique. From the staff to the food they offer, in this simple and essential location but well designed, you can have theirs “quadrotto”, a slice of bread topped with different and tasty ingredients. Here you can also feel welcomed if you are planning on having a good coffee while studying or working, bur keep in mind that during the busiest hours (lunch) you must switch off your computer and enjoy your amazing meal. I highly suggest you to try this place also for sunday brunch.

6. Crazy Cat Café, Via Napo Torriani, 5 (M2/M3 Centrale)

Cat and coffee? You can definitely count me in! Besides being a well designed place, here you will find some cats playing and sleeping around you while you eating your favorite cake. The rules are clear, do not feed them, do not wake them up, do not take photos with flash on. Pretty simple right? This place is also suitable for vegans, since many of their plates are made without any animal-derived products. Do you know how their cappuccino is called? Catpuccino. How cute is that?

7. Riad food garden, Viale Piave, 17 (M1 Palestro)

This place is full of cactus, plants of every type and pillows. That’s the best way to describe it. Located in a very cosy place, if you’re looking for a hot tea and brioches stuffed at the moment, this café is for you.

8. Mint Garden Café,  Via Felice Casati, 12 (M2/M3 Centrale)

If you love cactus you must come here. The most particular thing about this place is that besides being a café, it is also a flower shop. Unique right? It seems a nord Europe café. I won’t lie, I came here only once, but it was definitely a good experience!

9. Pandenus, Via Francesco Melzi d’Eril, 3 (M5 Domodossola)

In this colorful local you can have one of the best bruch in town. You can choose from six different menus (depend on the week) but they are all extremely delicious! Just a quick advice, if you are planning on doing a brunch on Sunday, remember to make a reservation. They are usually pretty busy!

10. Dedans, Piazza Riccardo Wagner, 3 (M1 Wagner)

This is one of the cutest café you can possibly find in Milan. The atmosphere is so calm, and even during winter, you can have your coffee and brioche in a garden well designed also with particular lights made from pottery. Is not the cheapest café you can find, even if their prices are not expensive, don’t worry. My favorite is definitely the brioche filled of pistachio of Bronte cream. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

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