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    Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Milan

    Navigli, a magical enchanted night in the city always starts there. The lights along the canals in the Navigli are particularly pretty, with the reflection glittering in the water.
    Perfect place where to use the KiraKira+ app (this one that will make every light shining) and don’t forget to put your phone in your pocket and dream a little bit.
    Four Season Hotel Milan, feeling nostalgic about your mountain chalet? Missing a fireplace where to relax in a perfect holiday mood? Visiting this place during this period is definitely worth it, you can enjoy an apertivo or a tea time in the perfect Xmas mood.
    Ristorante al Garghet, already booked until Christmas Day (you can just imagine how popular this place is), the Christmas lights will literally light up your dinner. I had the opportunity to have dinner in the first part of the restaurant where there is the live piano bar that will make your night unforgettable.
    Ecliss, if this year you’re feeling a little bit the Grinch of the situation, I think that this will definitely change your opinion.
    One of the most beautiful decorated Christmas shops where you can breath and enter into the Christmas mood.
    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a classical place where to go if you’re visiting the city, but the Christmas decorations will make it even more magical, with a blue starry night sky. Is what you need to see after a very busy day, or where to conclude a romantic night maybe.
    Be sure to spend some time looking at the sweetest (literally) advent Calendar located in the shop window of the “Pasticceria Marchesi”.
    Obej Obej (which means “oh how nice!” in Milanese dialect) or Christmas markets in Duomo, if you don’t have enough time to go to Bolzano or to Switzerland (like me) you can still be happy to explore these markets located between ‘Piazza Castello’ and ‘Piazza del Duomo’.
    Vanilla Bakery, the perfect place for your tea time or and holiday brunch (always on point for each festivity of the year), you will find the cutest cupcakes and biscuits, everything made with so much love.
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